Organizational information systems
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Introduction to software analysis and design: Learn about different levels of software design along with Planning, Analysis, Design This course provides a robust introduction to the key principles and practices of Information Systems Management. you will learn how the systems design phase bridges the gap between a problem domain and the existing system.

You will study the steps involved which include systems selection and structured systems design. You will also learn how the new system’s functional and physical requirements decide what resources will be used to implement the new system..

Created by : Dr Hiba Chaher
 Language: French

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    Organizational information systems

    In This Free Course, You Will Learn How To :

    • How Information Gives You Competitive Advantage
    • What is a database management system
    • Model the information system
    • How to realize the different models. (conceptual models, logical models, physical models) -Merise
    • Create the use case diagram (UML)


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    This course includes:

    • 5 downloadable resources
    • 2 h online conference
    •  Track  achievement  on line 
    • Certificate of completion

    Dr Hiba Chaher

    Phd in Artificial intelligence (AI)

    Actually, assistant professor computer science, ISG Tunis with over 10 years' teaching experience.

    Active researcher and member of SMART Lab (ISG Tunis)

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